Improving the Learning Experience with High-Quality Audio in Higher Education Facilities - August 11 @ 11am CDT 

This webinar will provide guidance on improving the learning experience with high-quality audio in Higher Education facilities. The content presented will highlight the considerations that should be taken while designing and implementing AV systems for classrooms and lecture theaters.

The presentations will focus on choosing and implementing networked audio technologies that can help to enhance the audio experience for:

  • Streaming content to adhere to social distancing guidelines, including students in an overspill room on campus or joining from home
  • Lecture capture
  • Sound reinforcement for students in the room

It will also feature a guest presentation from Joe Way who is the Director of Learning Environments at the University of Southern California.

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"Drop The Bass with Nuvo" - Add a sub to any application! - August 13th @ 12:00pm CDT

Need a little more low end punch in your multi-room audio, home theater, or voice assistant audio experience? We've got your back with an assortment of powered in-room and passive in-wall subwoofer solutions, including our very popular Wireless Subwoofer Kit. Join Legrand AV's very own "DICE" Sr. Technical Trainer as he walks you through how to "Drop The Bass" with any third party audio system.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

August 11 @ 10am CDT - Fiber Optics for AV Professionals

August 12 @ 10am CDT - Calulating Network Bandwidth

August 13 @ 10am CDT - Fiber for Custom & Production Builders

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Upcoming Live Webinars

August 18 @ 10am CDT - Why Are Business Processes Important?

In this panelist discussion, we will take a deep dive into the importance of business processes and learn how they play a vital role in efficiency and scaling. Our panelists come from a variety of backgrounds and will provide some great insight into process development, automation, and implementation. The facilitator, Jason Sayen, will be teaching a course at CEDIA Expo called “How to Develop Business processes That Work”. For integrators that are looking to make changes to their business, this panelist discussion will be a great precursor to his course.

August 20 @ 11am CDT - It's Been A Year, What's Changed?

Yes, it certainly has been “a year” since we met last year in Denver, and in more ways than one. Looking at our part of the world, that means that it is time for CEDIA Fellow Michael Heiss’s annual updates one where things stand. While you’ll have to wait until “CEDIA Virtual Expo” to experience full courses, this will hopefully whet your appetite. In this session, Mike will give you a hint of what to watch on the entertainment services, display, 5G, WiFI and HDMI connectivity, streaming devices, LED display fronts and much more. Consider this as an appetizer and then register for the full course in September.

August 25 @ 3pm CDT - Glimpse into HDMI & Video Transport Virtual Sessions at Expo

This webinar provides some background and insight into the five live sessions that CEDIA’s David Meyer will be presenting at the CEDIA Virtual conference, and why he thinks they’re so important in today’s fast-changing landscape of AV and bandwidth demands.

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Harman Professional Live Workshop Series - Various Dates Now Through August 25

Professional training on a variety of topics

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IC Realtime Weekly Webinar Series - Various Dates Now Through September 25

Learn the latest tips, tricks, developments and product offerings from IC Realtime's trainer Michael C. In these webinars, topics range from network connectivity to new and noteworthy products for the year.

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