4 x 200W FlexAmp Amplifier

$1,815.00 / ea
Available: 2
  • Manufacturer: QSC
4 channels, FlexAmp technology allows each pair of amplifier channels to deliver up to 400W total power, in any ratio (8 Ohms, 4 Ohms, 70V or 100V), Class D output circuitry and switch mode power supply, load selector for driving 4 Ohms, 8 Ohms, 70V or 100V on each channel, selectable 80 Hz highpass filter on each channel, power saving features including auto standby after 28 minutes, amp status remote output, connectors: input: (2) 3.5 mm Euro 3 pin, remote: 3.5 mm Euro 5 pin, output: 5 mm Euro 4 pin), 1RU.