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Upcoming Events and Industry Shows

Learn About the Two Hottest Features from Luxul: Router Limits and Domotz Webinar on Tuesday December 6th

This 20 minute webinar will help you better understand Domotz 24/7 Remote Management Solution and Router Limits Content Management. Domotz provides a reduction in customer down-time via remote management and will minimize truck rolls. You can remotely power cycle devices with a single touch and provides remote network access without the need for a VPN. Router Limits Content Management manages the traffic on your Internet connection. Using a simple interface accessible from anywhere, clients can choose which devices can access the web, what parts of the web are okay (or not okay), and the days and times the Internet should be available. The presenter will be Chris Scanlan from Capitol. The webinar will be at 9 am CST. See below for the link to register.

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Click Here To Watch Short Video on Luxul Domotz and Router Limits

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Panasonic Technology Showcase in Eagan MN on Thursday December 15th 2016

Panasonic invites you to our Technology Showcase on Thursday December 15 from 10:30 to 1:30. David Baker and Carl Peiffer will be hosting and will be covering the following:

  • Learn about the NS700/700G Hybrid PBX
  • Discover new revenue opportunities for your business
  • Receive a FREE technical certification
  • Receive a generous FIRST SALE DISCOUNT
  • Receive dedicated training and support
  • Learn about current market trends and opportunities in Telephony

Lunch will be provided.

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