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Our People

For over 35 years, we’ve worked hard to develop a company based in principles that value people. We treat our employees with respect, keeping turnover low and ensuring that you will always have an expert when you call. We’re not just order-takers and box-movers. Instead, we’re educators and experts that you can rely on as true partners.

The key reason we can provide the highest levels of technical support and service is that we hire only the best people and choose our employees very carefully. We select only the best and the brightest the industry has to offer. Our sales and service reps have years of experience working either in field installation or retail sales. Our employees help you each day, all day, by providing system design, deep product knowledge and technical support from pre-sales and purchasing … to installation and service.

Photo of Chris Scanlan
Chris Scanlan
Photo of Cory Hansen
Cory Hansen
Photo of Dennis Anderson
Dennis Anderson
Photo of Fred Harding
Fred Harding
Photo of Holden Hanson
Holden Hanson
Photo of Jamie Sivertson
Jamie Sivertson
Photo of Ken Jeffries
Ken Jeffries
Photo of Kory Lightner
Kory Lightner
Photo of  Lee Krokum
Lee Krokum
Photo of Mike Marko
Mike Marko
Photo of Pat Schrantz
Pat Schrantz
Photo of Paul Bean
Paul Bean
Photo of Phil Ehly
Phil Ehly
Photo of Rob Moen
Rob Moen
Photo of Rob Muller
Rob Muller
Photo of Scott Cahow
Scott Cahow
Photo of S. Goldsborough
S. Goldsborough
Photo of Sidney Alliev
Sidney Alliev
Photo of Steve Konsor
Steve Konsor
Photo of Terri Schammel
Terri Schammel
Photo of Tracy Adamek
Tracy Adamek