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“Jeff spent 2 days helping me design a complicated SIP phone system (complicated for me, not him). He had all the patience in the world, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate him.”

Bill – System Integrator


“Thanks for the quality of service you provide to my company. Over the last few years we have seen other company's service drop drastically. You stand out because you haven’t decreased service but have seemingly increased your level of expertise and service provided.”

Mike - Retailer


“I truly appreciate the support and assistance on all of my projects with Fred. You are the only distributor I work with that I know I can contact for valuable input and real support.”

Eric – Pro AV Contractor


“I anticipate making more of an effort to do business with Capitol because of the extra little things that you do to help out and service your customers.”

Mark – System Integrator


“I had a loyal customer who wanted us to install new phone systems for him. I was apprehensive but decided it was in our best interest to give it a shot. Jeff was so patient as I re-learned skills long forgotten. I stepped up our game and now have other clients interested in this same type of system. I know that good people are hard to find, but extraordinary people are impossible to find.”

Joseph – System Integrator